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Big Country Kennels Inc Texas Covey House

Texas Covey House

Big Country Kennel is offering you the most solid and thoroughly tested recall pen – the original Texas Covey House. Over the last 25 years we have come up the perfect bird dog training solution. We have invented the supreme quail house we call The Texas Covey House. This system produces wild flying quail that can be used over and over again. Fly the birds out in the early part of the day and by evening they have returned to the house. Come back the next day and they are ready to train dogs on again.

$1250.00 + S&H

SKU: coveyhouse

Included with your covey house:

  • Food and Water Barrel
  • Float and pan for water
  • Comes ready to set up with your quail

Reasons this house is better than the traditional recall pen.

  • Quality Construction
  • Covey house frame is made with one inch sq. tubing welded together
  • Expanded metal on the floor and at top on quail walk and funnels
  • Metal top and sides. (No wood to rot or warp.)
  • Light weight (200 lbs) One person can move this
  • The Texas Covey House will last you a lifetime
  • Will hold up to 30 quail
  • Food and water system will last for one to two months
  • Food and water barrels are located outside the house
  • Water system uses a float inside the house that the quail can not foul
  • Awesome fly door to release your quail
  • This system will produce strong flying birds that recall easy
  • No better or faster way to train your dog on birds
  • Once the quail are flying and recalling back you can move the Covey House to another location
  • Leave water and food supply for the original covey
  • Pen raised quail adjust very easily to the wild using this system
  • Create a new covey in a new location

All covey houses come with written instructions on how to best use them.